About Me

My name is Adriane and while I am originally from Wisconsin, I live in (and love) California. I love to write about food almost as much as I love cooking. I love going to farmers' markets, shopping for fresh local ingredients, and letting them work their magic in the kitchen. I have a weakness for artisan cheeses and good local wine. When I'm not cooking, I'm a graduate student here, focusing my studies on agriculture policy. I have a wonderful husband who puts up with my need to dominate the kitchen and two dogs that follow me around to eat any food that falls while I am cooking.

I focus my cooking on whole, local, & natural ingredients, which are most often organic as well. If it is an ingredient I cannot get from a local producer, I purchase it from my local food co-op so more of my food dollars stay in my community. I find it redundant to mention these things in every post recipe, so I hope you will keep them in mind!

My blog allows me to share my recipes, experiences, and cooking stories which, as my friends will tell you, I love to do. Enjoy!