Green Eggs

Today I went to my friend Katelin's house for a puppy play date with her dogs and mine and to chat about the goings-on with Buy Local Thrive Local. It was a beautiful sunny day, so we played with the dogs outside for a while, at one point taking a walk to the chicken coop to see the chickens. Bailey and Pinot, my two dogs, had never seen chickens before and found them very intriguing. So intriguing in fact that when Katelin and I went into the coop, Bailey darted in front of us and started chasing the chickens! Luckily there were no chicken injuries - just a few ruffled feathers - and I quickly escorted Bailey out of the coop. In the chicken roosts were five beautiful eggs - four a light chocolate brown and one that was a beautiful shade of light green. I never thought I would consider eggs to be beautiful, but these truly were. Katelin was nice enough to send them home with me and now they sit in my fridge. All I need to do now is to decide how to prepare them to fully appreciate them, something I find to be quite a daunting task.

I love being connected with food in this way; to see the beautiful golden-black hen that laid the seafoam green egg or watch a tomato go from seed to vine to table. To know that you witnessed or were a direct part of the process that created what you are eating. And to know that by doing so you are more connected with the Earth and with yourself.

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