Thoughts on Food

This week I received the most recent publication of Food and Wine magazine. I love this magazine for the unique recipes, the sometimes over-the-top comments, and the awesome travel articles.

Chris and I were perusing this magazine together, pointing out recipes we wanted to try, places we wanted to travel, and gadgets we wanted but never knew existed, which prompted a discussion on why we, as individuals, loved food and what we sought when it came to food. Was it the eliteness of trying the fanciest, most expensive new restaurant, to say we had traveled to a food mecca, or was it the sharing of food with each other and our friends and family, regardless of what we're eating or where we are? This discussion was interrupted by dinner being ready, but left me contemplating what it is I love about food.

I have come to the conclusion that I love food because I can share it with others. I also love food because it can be incredibly beautiful; because it can be an experience. The excitement I get when I go to a farmers' market or am presented with a dish composed of local ingredients is hard to explain. It is a giddiness I often cannot contain. I will cut Chris off mid-sentence to appreciate the flavors of a bite of house-made pasta tossed with local peas and how it combines with the locally produced Chardonnay I chose. I danced in my living room the first time I made cheese. But I also love food because I can share it with Chris, and so many other people in my life. Because sharing food makes it special beyond measure.

I'd love to hear what it is you love about food. Not only because I am really interested, but also because it could shape the future of this blog!


Thanks to Amanda for the photo. It is from her 2007 European tour, and she was so nice to share the pictures with me!

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